Our Products

As Infinitree Corp only uses natural organic product it is critical that we regard product sustainability as one of our highest priorities.
That is why we are dedicated to using only ethically sourced sustainable ingredients in our products.  We also have future plans to donate to various causes that focus on climate and organic crop growth.
Our reason for doing this is to further our ability to provide the world with Non-GMO organic product for our generation and many generations after us.

Nature in Capsule


Supports Heart Health & Cell Membrane Integrity*

Nature in Capsule

Albumin Classic S

Supports Liver & Kidney Health, Fatigue Recovery & Enhances Immune system

Nature in Capsule

Opti-Up ⍺

Optimize Bone-Growth With Natural Factors

Nature in Capsule


Throat Spray, 100% Bee Propolis Extract & Non Alcohol

Beauty in Capsule

All Skin Hydro +

Skin Hydration Booster, Anti-Aging, Maintains Healthy Hair & Nails

Nature in Capsule

Vitamin D3+K2 with Coconut Oil

Highest Absorption With Organic Coconut Oil, Support to Maintain Immune System, Help for Strong Bone and Teeth

Nature in Capsule

Tart Cherry 10X

Supports Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Help Developing Healthier Joint & Better Sleep

Nature in Capsule

Mastic Gum Max 1500

Alleviates Stomach Pain & Heartburn, Heals & Soothes Peptic & Gastric Ulcers, Relieves Gastric & Intestinal Inflammation

Nature in Capsule

Sleep Solution

Supports Quality Sleep, Relieves Stress & Calms the Mind

Nature in Capsule

Chondroitin Classic 1200

Supports for joint tissue*
Helps to relieve osteoarthritis joint pain