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Opti-Up Alpha Plus

The ultimate nutrient combination for growing children

INFINITREE presents a specially crafted product using carefully selected ingredients derived from nature, including collagen extracted from fish skin, colostrum from New Zealand, and soy.
This product is tailored as a nutritional supplement for picky eaters during their growth years.

1. Alleviates growing pains by replenishing essential nutrients lacking during growth.
2. Prevents growth retardation by supplying appropriate nutrients during growth.
3. Strengthens bones, teeth, and immune system.
4. Manufactured in a Canadian GMP facility. NPN# 80122615.

CHONDROITIN Sulfate Classic 1200

The ultimate solution, crafted from natural ingredients, for the protection of cartilage

As a nutritional supplement crucial for joint health, we offer 100% pure Chondroitin Sulfate derived from the cartilage of grass-fed Bos Taurus, ensuring a product composed entirely of natural ingredients.

  1. Utilizing only the cartilage of organic Bos Taurus, known for its rapid absorption into the body.
  2. Acts as a lubricant for joints, preventing cartilage deterioration.
  3. Alleviates joint discomfort.
  4. Manufactured in a Canadian GMP facility. NPN# 80120894.
For Your Health

For Your Health

Unlocking Health and Life: At INFINITREE Corp., we understand the value of time as our most precious resource. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to meticulous research and development, crafting products designed to enable you to live life in a healthy manner. Join us at INFINITREE Corp. and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

For Your Beauty

For Your Beauty

Elevating Health, Enhancing Beauty: At INFINITREE, we understand that prioritizing your health directly influences your outward appearance. While our core mission revolves around crafting supplements that foster holistic well-being, we take pride in the fact that many of our products also contribute to enhancing external beauty—whether it’s skin radiance, lustrous hair, or a confident smile. Rest assured that our supplements not only nurture your health but also accentuate your innate beauty.

From Nature

From Nature

Nature’s Elegance Unveiled: As we behold the splendor of nature enveloping us, a profound sense of humility washes over us. The chance to tap into its essence is a privilege we cherish. Hence, our commitment lies in curating products infused with 100% natural ingredients, free from superfluous additives. Because in the embrace of nature’s purity, we find not just wellness, but a symphony of life itself.